Saturday, June 22, 2013

Let's Play House

"Let's play house!" a little girl in the doctor's waiting room said to my son.  "We're going to need a mommy," she continued.  

"You mean my mommy?  We need to get my mommy?" my son asked trying to understand this new game.  They were standing inside a plastic play house and doing their best to find a game that would work for both boys and girls.  My son, being a boy, had spent most of the time trying to climb in and and out the tiny windows and asking if it was okay if he jumped off the roof.  He couldn't wrap his mind around playing house.

"No, not your mommy," she said as she threw her arms in the air with exasperation.  "A mommy.  To play house.  We'll need a daddy, too," she told him.

"Is your daddy coming?  Because my daddy isn't - he's at work," he explained to her.  "How about I just make breakfast?" he suggested.  "Here's some bacon," he said as he handed her a book that was hot off the pretend stove.

"Ewww!  I hate bacon!" she shrieked as she knocked the book out of his hand.

"It's just pretend bacon!  It's not real bacon!  Just eat it!" he said back.  Seeing that this particular game was going nowhere, he started climbing out of the window again.

"You shouldn't climb out of the window.  There's a door for a reason.  You are going to hit your head," she said with all the knowledge of a wife.

"No I won't.  Look!  I'm fine!" he said.

"It still doesn't make any sense.  Just use the door," she told him.

"But that's not any fun!" he protested.  

They were at a standstill and it was starting to feel like a real interaction between a mommy and daddy.  You've been there, haven't you?  It's that moment when you both think your idea is the best and the other one is obviously just dumb.  It was crazy to see it play out between two four year olds.  From birth, we are wired so differently.   

"Why wouldn't she just climb out of the window?" my son asked as we walked into one of the patient rooms.  "Because she's a girl, honey.  That's all there is to it," I said.  

How do you get through those moments when you think your spouse's ideas seem dumb?  How do you work through and appreciate your differences?

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  1. My two sons would have left after she didn't like bacon :) End of the relationship for them!


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