Sunday, June 2, 2013

Hurt? Hug.

My little one is a hugger.  I've mentioned that before, but I had always thought that his best hugs were reserved for immediate family.  Suddenly, this is not the case.

I had a friend and her son over for dinner the other night.  Her son is a few months younger than my son and they seem to enjoy being together.  Her son was making his way inside and tripped over the track for the sliding glass door.  

My youngest gave me a look of concern.  "Mama, hurt," he said and made a whimpering sound to tell me his friend was crying.  My friend gently picked her son up and consoled him until his tears stopped then she set him down to play again.  My youngest ran right over to him and said, "Hurt?  Hug.  Kiss."  He wrapped him in a bear hug and kissed him on the head to make sure he was okay.

He shows compassion each and every time someone is hurt, sometimes running from another room to kiss a booboo.  His heart is kind and pure and, as I watch him, I want to be more like that.  I am more of a "shake it off" kind of girl when it comes to injuries.  I'm not patient with sick people after a day or two (I give the garden variety "C'mon - I don't get a day off when I'm sick so tough it out" kind of sympathy).  And yet I have this child that is so nurturing in that regard.  Thanks, my little one, for reminding me how good it feels to be taken care of.

How do your children take care of you or their friends when they are hurting?  How do you encourage that behavior?

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  1. Too cute! My youngest is a big hugger too, especially if someone is hurt :)


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