Thursday, June 20, 2013

Action Art

I recently listened to a seminar about teaching boys and it is amazing to see these concepts come to life.  One particular section of the lesson was on boy's creativity.  The instructor explained that girls often will draw pictures of nouns.  Horses, dolls, rainbows, and more horses generally fill their pages.  Boys, however, will always draw action.  What appears to be scribbles will be described as a race car racing around the track and (BOOM!) crashing into the wall while the driver says, "AAHHH!"  I hadn't necessarily noticed that in my boys so I started paying attention.

We read a story about a birthday and decided to make play dough birthday cakes.  My goal in the lesson was to use birthday candles to do some basic math.  I planned to ask questions like, how old will you be on your next birthday? Or how old were you two birthdays ago?  I laid out the candles and started encouraging them to make a cake.  

I set to work on mine, carefully crafting a round, two layered cake.  I was shaping my play dough icing into little flowers when I heard my son yell, "My cake has candles that are really rockets and they BLAST into the air!"  He ripped the candle from the play dough and jumped from his chair.  He waved the candle all around the room making crazy rocket sounds that sent spit flying all over the house.  I turned to my little one.  "Are you making a cake, bud?  How many candles should we put on your cake?" I asked him.  "TWO!" he shouted as he grabbed a huge pile of candles and threw them at the cake.  "CRASH!!" he said.

Obviously, the instructor was right.  Boys love action.  Boys are made for action.  When we, as women teach them, it can be so tempting to encourage the "girl way" of doing things.  The seminar helped me to see that I need to just let them turn cakes into rockets and give every object in our home some crazy sound effect without any interference from me.  Maybe next time I will try a math question based on how many feet they can throw a ball.  Might work a bit better than this sitting nonsense.

How do you see your boy or girl children expressing creativity differently?

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  1. So true of my boys! They love to draw, but it always is of robots fighting, or spaceships etc. Lots of action!


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