Sunday, May 12, 2013

Will They Brush Their Teeth?

There are a lot of big things happening on my mom's side of the family. My cousin is graduating from high school, my grandpa is turning 81 and my uncle is recovering from open heart surgery. All of these people that I love live in Kansas City, MO and it was time for me to visit. I have always felt that nothing is better for relationships than quality time. I talked to my husband and, after we checked flight prices, we decided that I should just go on my own. I booked the sitter for the two weekdays I would be gone and then booked my flight to the Show Me State.

I wasn't worried about leaving until the day before I left. I had put together little surprises for my boys to open each day I was gone. I had planned out meals so my husband didn't have to go shopping. I had written a few extra notes to the babysitter. Everything was handled. But then the details started popping up. Does the babysitter know that they always get hot chocolate after swimming lessons? Will my husband remember to out the almond oil in the bath for my little one's dry skin? Will the boys drink enough water, wear sunscreen, brush their teeth? And then I thought, does it really matter? Their teeth won't fall out in the three days I'll be gone. I'll have three whole days to only worry about taking care of myself.

And isn't that a blessing in itself? As moms, we all carry around so much information about our children's needs and preferences. We feel as if they will not be whole if their caregiver does not know every intricacy. But sometimes we have to be still and trust that someone else's way may be just as good or better. We have to believe that different is okay. As I prepare to touch down in Kansas City, I am hopeful that these four days will be a huge blessing to my sons and my husband. I am prepared for stories of fast food and TV and missed bedtimes. And I will smile knowing that, for now, I can take a break from the constant awareness of their needs and focus a bit on my own.

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