Friday, May 17, 2013

What Else?

My oldest loves a solid compliment.  If I say, "You are such a good brother," he will inevitably want to know exactly why he is such a good brother.  I may say, "because you always look out for him."  This is not enough.  "What else?" he will ask with a twinkle in his eye.  As I list answers (there are never enough), I watch him cataloging the responses and storing them in his busy little brain.  Sometimes I wonder if I should introduce humility into his vocabulary, but the other night he showed me that he already knows a thing or two about that.

I was snuggling with him on the top bunk of his new bunk bed and reading his last story of the night.  He won't let me get too close (he's already a bit too cool for actual snuggling) but every once in awhile he will lay his skinny arm on my leg or lean into my shoulder.  I freeze and try not to react for fear that he will notice that  I noticed.  (All those years of dating in high school pay off when you have boys). I wrapped up the story and told him that I loved him and I was proud of him for so many reasons.  "What do you love about me?" he asked.  I started mentally preparing the long list in my mind and gave him a few to start.  "I love how inquisitive you are.  I love that you are always kind and thoughtful," I told him.  "Do you love that I'm always giving you hugs?" he asked with a half smile.  "I do.  I really love that," I said.  "You know how I learned to do that all the time?" he asked me.  "Tell me," I said.  "You.  All from you," he said as he laid his head on the pillow.

It's such a warm feeling to hear those words from my child.  I love them desperately, even on the days I am counting down the time until they are asleep.  I want them to know they are loved but I also want them to know how to give love back.  I want them to understand what it means to make someone else feel special.  And that's what he did for me that night.  I walked away glowing with his words.  Next time, though, I am going to ask him what else is so special about me.  Fair is fair.

How do your children love you back?  Is it though their words, things they create or their touch?  How can you encourage them to show their love?

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