Thursday, May 23, 2013

Wacky Wednesdays

There is something about the summer that makes me want to break free of all schedules and constraints.  I see the CountryTime Lemonade commercials that are shot as the sun sets over a hopelessly relaxing scene and want to lie in a hammock with a good book.  I do not, however, want to get all dressed up and do all the things I have committed to do.  I want to roam.  I want to explore.  I want to go two full days without putting on make up.  So I came up with a compromise.

I decided to keep all of our commitments every other week.  On our week off, we will pick from a bucket to decide something fun to do.  I have deemed this day, Wacky Wednesday.  I found a website of cool things to do with kids in our area and printed it.  Some were educational (the aquarium) while others were just fun ($1 movie day).  The boys helped me cut each idea out and, although the edges are jagged, I can read at least half and figure out what it says.  We decorated a plastic box with scrapbooking stickers that I always buy but rarely use and, this Wednesday, we went on our first adventure.

It was a bust.  I had them pick the activity out of the box on Tuesday night so that I could pack or plan based on the activity.  They picked ice skating.  I'm going to attempt to explain how exciting ice skating is to little boys that haven't ever seen snow.  "NO.  WAY," my oldest shouted.  "WILL THERE BE SNOW?  WILL IT BE SLIPPERY!  WILL IT BE COLD?"  My youngest jumped in, "Mama!  Cold?  Mama!  Fast?"  They were blown away by the possibilities.  

I packed up some warm clothes and we set out for the rink.  As we pulled out of the neighborhood, we did a "cheers" to our first Wacky Wednesday and the questions started up again.  I did my best to explain the experience to them during our 45 minute trek and I was relieved to see the rink in site.  We unbuckled, ran into the building and we were met with very surprised faces.

"Hello..." the woman at the counter said tentatively.  "How many are skating today?" she asked.  I told her we only needed skates for my oldest and me.  My little one could just wear his shoes.  "Ummm...he can't wear his shoes and our skates start at size 7.  Does your oldest know how to ice skate?"  she asked.  While I wondered what all the fuss was about I simply said, "No but he can use one of the little hand carts or hold the railing, right?" I asked her.  "We don't have that stuff here.  And there are no refunds," she said flatly.

A teenager suddenly appeared beside her and said, "Yeah, it's hard core.  Skates and ice.  That's it."  Helpful, huh?  I ushered my boys away from the desk and let them know we wouldn't be able to skate today.  I was prepared for tears.  I was prepared for utter disappointment.  Here's what I got:  "That's okay, Mommy!  Look!  They have a fish tank!  AND candy machines!" my oldest said as he raced off.

Kids are so simple.  It doesn't take big events or crazy adventures to entertain them.  We simply think it does.  While I do want to expose them to fun experiences, I also want to remember it's okay to just spend fifty cents at the candy machine and watch fish swim around in a tank.  As we watched the Zamboni machine cleaning the ice, my oldest said, "Maybe we can just come back when I'm bigger.  Or maybe we can play trains."  Both amazing ideas if you ask me.

How do you plan on enjoying the lazy days of summer with your kids?

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