Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Trickster

My little one can be a tricky guy.  He is naturally funny and has a way of hamming it up until he gets the giggles he's seeking.  Especially with his brother.  I believe that my almost two year old has given himself the personal challenge of making his serious and studious brother laugh, no matter the cost.

My parents came over to our house to see the boys and my oldest had built an intricate train track with a back story to support it.  The trains were transporting fruit from the orange grove to the orange juice factory and were being met with a series of terrible catastrophes as they attempted to complete delivery.  As my oldest chugged his little Thomas around the track, my youngest smiled at my mom then plopped his butt directly onto the track.  This, of course, resulted in howls of protest from my oldest.  "GRANNY!  HE'S ON MY TRACK!  GET HIM OFF!" he yelled.  My little one just looked his brother in the eye then fell back laughing hysterically.  "Off?' he
giggled.  "No," he said in a taunting voice.  My mom tried to include my youngest on the train adventure.  "Oh no, Thomas!  There's a giant baby attacking the tracks!  What will we do?!"  she said dramatically.  My oldest was not happy about this particular catastrophe.  "No!  It won't work!  The trains can't go!  Get him off!" he shouted.  My mom responded by picking up my youngest to move him, seeing that it was her only option.  "Guke," my youngest said to his brother as he tickled his feet,  "Tickle tickle tickle."  He fell back laughing once more and, this time, his brother joined in.

I see, now, that this will probably be how their relationship will always be.  My oldest will be approaching something with great focus and attention while my youngest will be saying, "C'mom, man!  Live a little!  Let's just hang out and drink a few beers!"  They will always have each other to balance things out.  And that might be the greatest gift of all.

Have your children developed roles in the family?  Is one the joker while the other is the jock or the mad scientist?  How do they help each other see another side of life?

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