Thursday, May 16, 2013

Tell Them.

I know you aren't supposed to admit when you have a favorite in the family but I definitely do.  His name is Uncle Troy and he is like a second father to me.  Although we did not live in the same state, he and my Aunt Gracie always made an effort to come and see us a few times a year.  When they did, all the rules went out the window.  While my dad was a great dad in many ways, he wasn't quite sure what to do with little kids. He's not necessarily playful.  Uncle Troy, however, was the one who would carry us on his shoulders, get into pillow fights and, when we turned 12, let us drive his pick up truck all over town.  He has always been a great time to be around.

When I got a call that he had to have quadruple bypass surgery, I was floored.  He's only fifty; he seemed too young to have such a procedure.  All the memories flooded into my head and I was terrified about the possibility of losing him.  Everyone I talked to seemed to tell me it wasn't a big deal.  It was routine, they do it all the time, he'll be better than ever.  I'm sure they were right but it didn't necessarily make me feel better.  I think that sometimes those words that are meant to help only make you feel as if you are wrong for feeling scared.  I turned to prayer because I knew I would not get unsolicited advice from God.

His surgery did go very well and his recovery is right on track.  But I finally realized what it was that was truly upsetting me when we went to the funeral of my aunt's friend.  My Aunt Gracie leaned over and said, "I'm broken hearted about Sharon but I'm so grateful that we don't have two funerals this week."  She got straight to the point.  If they hadn't caught it, we could have been at his funeral.  The doctor had said a heart attack was right around the corner; it was a gift from God that it was caught in time.  I decided at that moment to tell him what he meant to me.

I saw him that night and pulled him aside.  I told him how scared I was, how grateful I am, how much I love him.  I told him that he is a second father to me and that I hope he knows how much it has always meant that he gave so much of his time to me.  He teared up and wrapped me in a gentle hug.  "Yeah, I've always felt the same way about you girls.  I love you, too," he said in his Missouri twang.

It reminded me that it shouldn't take a scare like that to tell our family and friends that we love them.    Even if your relationship has always been about fun rather than feelings, they need to know. We need to say it.  So tell someone today what they mean to you.  Tell them from your heart.  You'll be glad you did. 

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