Friday, May 24, 2013

Sweet Dreams, Mommy

My husband is out of town and my oldest has been lobbying for Daddy's spot in bed.  "We'll just, you know, snuggle and watch TV.  All that stuff," he tells me hoping for a yes vote.  I tell him repeatedly that he needs to sleep in his own bed then promise that one night I will sleep on the bottom bunk and we'll have sleepover.  This is not good enough for him but I cannot bear to think of giving up an evening of me time.  

Before I had kids, I would have imagined a scene with my four year old curled up under the covers while we ate popcorn and watched Disney movies.  Now that I have my sons, I know that that is not what will happen.  I will get comfortable and he will need a drink.  I will get comfortable again and he will kick my popcorn over as he jumps on the bed.  I will just get into the movie and he will talk over the whole scene.  During the day, I can handle this kind of mayhem.  He's only four after all.  At night, I want nothing to do with mayhem.  I want HGTV or a good book.  Most of all, I want quiet.

Last night, I tucked the boys in and turned on my DVR'd episode of "Smash".  I save these up for when my husband is out of town so that I don't have to listen to him making fun of it.  Some things are sacred.  Anyway, I was halfway through the second episode when I heard my oldest running into my room.  "Mommy!  My belly really really hurts.  Can I lay in bed with you?"  Two things went through my head simultaneously.  First, you've got to be kidding me.  Second, the only thing I ever needed when I didn't feel good was to lay in my parent's bed for awhile.  So, I gave in.  "You can lay here until the clock says 10:00 PM then I'll need to you to go to your room.  Deal?" I asked.  "Deal!" he said as he scampered up to snuggle.  "Mommy, you just made my night," he said with a smile.

He jumped up at the stroke of ten and gave me a kiss.  "Well, Mommy, I should get to bed now," he told me.  He climbed down and spotted a ride on firetruck that my youngest had left in my room.  "Oh, Mommy.  This firetruck is loud.  Let me get it out of here for you," he said.  He carried it out and, as he shut my bedroom door he said, "You're all set, Mommy.  Sweet dreams!"

My son had tucked me in just as I have done for him since the day he was born.  He took care of me instead of making me take care of him.  At some point that I cannot put my finger on, he has grown out of this needy (but sweet!) little person into a helpful, loving little boy.  I think when parents think about their little babies growing up, they forget that this is what it really means.  It means that suddenly, your children start to become who they are going to be.  They start to showing you who they are.  We just have to give them a chance to become it.

What has surprised you as your children have evolved? 

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