Thursday, May 16, 2013

No Farting at the Table

It's not easy to teach table manners to two wiggly little boys.  They are constantly sliding off their chairs, sitting on their feet like frogs or burping at the table with pride.  We are tolerant of most of the wiggling but the bodily functions sometimes get a bit out of hand.  Last night was a perfect example.

My husband had made a wonderful pasta dinner (love being married to an Italian) and we sat down to eat.  While my youngest wiped the extra sauce in his armpits, my oldest let out a huge fart.  Both little boys fell into a fit of giggles but my husband was not amused.  "No farting at the table. If you need to fart, excuse yourself and go into another room then come back to the table," he told them.

My oldest looked chagrined and went back to his pasta.  "Oh!  I forgot to get a straw!" he announced.  He jumped up to get one out of the pantry then promptly announced, "Daddy!  Good thing I needed the straw because I just farted really loudly in the pantry.  That would have been at the table and you would have been really really mad!"

My husband and I exchanged glances and tried not to laugh out loud.  "Nice work, buddy," my husband told him.  "Thanks for listening."  

I just love this part of parenting.  There are moments that are so ridiculous that you can't keep from laughing out loud.  I never expected this much proud farting in my house but then again, it always comes with laughter.  I'll take that any day.

Any funny stories about your kids learning manners?  What kinds of things have made you giggle?

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