Sunday, May 19, 2013

My Little Photographer

My oldest has been asking if he can take pictures with my iPhone lately and I have let him snap away.  Unfortunately, it seems to disappear once he has had this burst of creativity.  I have to call my phone then run around the house like an idiot chasing the ring until I finally track it down.  It was time for an alternative.  I found an old digital camera that I have had for years and offered it to him.  He has spent the last few days taking hundreds of pictures and today, I decided to take a look.  

Most of them are blurs of carpeting, walls and furniture but some of them are a beautiful glimpse into how he sees his world. His camera followed us through the day and he captured little things that I tend to take for granted.  It was an ordinary day filled with ordinary things but sometimes I think those are the best days to remember.

He took pictures of himself.  Lots of pictures of himself.  He had put his hair in the bath water after I had added baby oil and he looked like he hadn't washed his hair in two weeks.  Gotta love that.

My youngest and I were taking our time walking up the stairs.  He is learning how to climb the stairs like a big boy but needs a hand every now and then.

He captured my youngest making this face that I honestly haven't ever seen him make.  Maybe he saves it just for his brother.

They played with the train table and he took pictures of both of their little hands pushing the trains through tunnels and over bridges.

And he took this shot of me reading Clifford to them before bed.

I think I so often wait for a special occasion or the perfect smile to take a picture.  But my son showed me how important it is to capture an ordinary day.  Some day we won't spend our days reading and digging in the dirt and pushing trains along wooden tracks.  I'm so glad to have these little reminders of time with my guys.

Take some pictures with your family today doing ordinary things: making dinner, studying for a test, watching your favorite show.  Maybe you can make a story book about your day.  It could make a wonderful memory to look back on in 10 years.

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