Monday, May 6, 2013

Make Your Own Bubbles

This week we have been learning about all the different types of matter: solids, liquids and gases.  Solids and liquids are easy to explain to a preschool mind but invisible gases aren't quite as easy.  Our Sonlight curriculum recommended making homemade bubbles to show them a gas "trapped" in a bubble.  And so we did.

It was very simple, really.  The recipe called for 9 cups of water to 1 cup of Dawn or Joy dish washing soap. Apparently those brands make the best bubbles.  We didn't have a container big enough for that amount so we cut it in half and I did my best to explain how to halve a recipe to my son.  We grabbed an old water bottle and my little one squirted soap into it.  My oldest then measured out the water and filled it up carefully.  Then the fun began.

The book recommended we grab a bunch of kitchen utensils and ask the children which one they thought would work the best.  We grabbed a pasta strainer, a frying spatula (no idea what it's really called), a spatula, some straws and a train sandwich cookie cutter.   My oldest guessed that the fryer spatula would make the best bubbles so we set out to test his hypothesis.

My oldest poured out our solution and we talked about how liquids take the shape of whatever they are poured into.

The straws were a huge hit when my oldest realized he could continue to blow and make a mountain of bubbles.  When my youngest jumped in to join the fun, he didn't realize his brother was blowing bubbles rather than sucking up with the straw.  Ewww.  He spent the next five minutes with his tongue out of his mouth trying to stop the awful taste but he continued to dip his hands in and out of the bubbles.

 I reminded them to try some of the other items. It turned out my oldest was right, the frying spatula made the best bubbles because of all the tiny holes.  We talked about how the air that was invisible coming out of his mouth was suddenly visible inside the bubble.  He was fascinated.  "Is that my air?" my oldest asked.  "The air that is coming out of my mouth?"

They were engaged for at least a half an hour and would have continued if I hadn't forgotten that wet soapy floors are, well, slippery.  My oldest fell straight down on his face and cut his top lip open.  He was thrilled to have such a good booboo to show off.

So if you are looking for something free and easy to do with your kids today, make some bubbles together.  Just don't forget to clean up the floor.

Have any good free and easy ideas to share?

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