Saturday, May 18, 2013

He Gets My Jokes

My oldest son has many many skills but he isn't always the funniest guy in the room.  If I try a witty comment he will look at me with a serious face and say, "Oh...was that supposed to be a joke?"  If I say yes, he laughs a bit too loudly to make up for lost time.  He's very analytical about humor - He wants to understand what
makes something funny.  This is why I am completely thrown off that my 22 month old gets my jokes.  I'm not talking about knock knock kid jokes.  I'm talking about jokes that my friends would usually laugh at.  Let me explain.

The other night I was trying unsuccessfully to get my oldest to go into his room so that I could have a moment of quiet before putting my youngest to bed.  My oldest kept going on and on about why it was important to brush their teeth at night.  I had fielded at least ten questions on the subject of dental hygiene and I needed him to just stop for a minute.  "Honey, I need to put Drew to bed.  Go in your room and I'll answer your questions as soon as I come in," I said in my firmest I Mean Business voice.  "Okay mommy but what would happen if I never ever ever brushed my teeth again?" he asked.  "Go in your room.  It's Drew's turn for special time."  He finally acquiesced and ran into consider the ramifications of throwing away his toothbrush for good.

I turned to Drew and said, "It's going to be our job to make sure he doesn't drive his friends and his wife crazy, you know.  We've got to help him learn to know when to stop talking.  Do you think he'll ever stop talking?"  Drew looked at me and said, "Guke? (toddler speak for Luke) Shhh?  HA!!!" and he started laughing so hard that his little belly was jiggling like Santa Claus.  It was absolutely contagious.  Both of us were hysterically laughing at the mere possibility of his brother staying quiet for any length of time.  When we were finally able to stop giggling, I kissed his little forehead and thought about all the laughter we have ahead of us.  It's going to be a fun ride.

How do your kids make you laugh?  Does their sense of humor ever surprise you?  

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