Saturday, May 4, 2013

Hands and Feet of God

Sometimes life can be stressful.  Really stressful.  That was surely the case for Jason Osborne, my next Perchable person.  He has a beautiful wife Missy, two young daughters (Jaylen, 8 and Maddie, 15 months), and works in the banking industry.  The last few years have not been easy as he struggled with the pressures of his job.  He wasn't eating or sleeping well.  He had started medication for the anxiety but they hadn't started working and it was beginning to affect him at home.  "The girls noticed I was in a funk.  Jaylen, my oldest, would tell my wife, 'Daddy isn't feeling very well.'  That's when I decided that I was focusing on something that didn't matter.  My family was the most important thing, not some job," Jason shared.

God opened a window for him after he made that decision.  His church, Summit Church in Orlando, Florida, hosts an annual program called NiceServe.  It encourages the members of the church to become the hands and feet of God by giving back to the community they live in.  There are projects for every age from building homes to making bookmarks.  Jason decided that he and his daughter Jaylen should take the opportunity.

They perused the website together and found something they could do together - Making bracelets. They went to the church and beaded bracelets for children in the Dominican Republic.  The church's missionaries are heading there this summer and will hand deliver the bracelets to little girls that will treasure this small trinket.  Jason shares the rest of the story here:

"On our way home I asked Jaylen what she thought about NiceServe. She talked about how good she felt making gifts for other kids. Then her favorite song comes on the radio. Colton Dixon "You Are". We both started to just jam out. The type of jamming where people in the car next to you give you the 'he might be a little crazy' look. It was at that moment though I felt God's love to the point I got chills. I felt him tell me this is what matters. Following him, being his hands and feet in the community and loving my family."

Jason taught his daughter so much that day.  He taught her the joy of giving back but he also showed her that you should always turn to God when things get rough.  He has the answers if we just trust in him.  Thank you, Jason, for reminding us what really matters.

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