Friday, May 31, 2013


I have shared many of the frustrations that come from homeschooling but today I'd like to share a triumph.  My son sounded out a word and figured out how to spell it for the very first time.  Here's what happened.

We focus on one letter a week and this week we have been working on the letter "H".  We practice writing it but mostly spend time figuring out the sound the letter makes.  We make up silly sentences with as many H words as we can (Harry hung his hat on a hanger because it hurt his head) then usually giggle about it afterward.  I was doing the dishes while my son sat at the table coloring and I asked him to come up with an "h" word.  "HOT!  Like it's really hot outside!" he said.  "Exactly!  Hot is great "h" word," I told him.  "There's a "t" in hot, too, Mommy," he said without missing a beat.  "Listen."  He said the word and enunciated the "t" with gusto.  "Right!  Can you figure out what's in the middle?" I asked him.  "Haaawwwwt...Is it an 'o'?" he asked.   "Yes!" I said thinking 'you mean to tell me he's actually learning all this stuff I've been trying to teach him?!"  He replied, "H-O-T, hot!  I spelled a word!"

And that moment, in a nutshell, is why I homeschool.  I was there for their first steps.  I was there for their first words.  Now I'm able to be here for so many more firsts.  I can be a part of my children's learning.  Not just math, science and reading but life as a whole.  I can expose them to all the wonderment in this world and be there to cheer them on when they finally begin to understand something that once seemed so unattainable.  That tiny moment is my fuel to keep going.  I know there are countless more to come.

What firsts have your children recently experienced?  Go on, brag about them here!


  1. Huzzah! Here's to happy homeschooling henceforth! [smile]


    1. Thanks for always being so encouraging, Luke!


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