Thursday, May 2, 2013

Getting to Know You

Every time I spend one on one time with my kids I think, "I should do this more often!"  They are so different as individuals and sometimes those differences are overshadowed by their sibling.  This week, when my oldest stayed with his grandparents, I had an entire day with my little one.  Even though I love him every day, I think I fell in love with him a little more over the course of our day together.

He is so calming to be around.  He's fairly quiet when he is by himself (no one to compete with for attention!) and he seems to float around the house easily entertaining himself.  He has a fascination with water and, as I finished up our breakfast dishes, he asked to play in the sink.  He would fill up a cup and dump it out, fill up a cup, dump it out.  After an hour or so of this peace, I started to try and create chaos.  "We should make some play-doh!  Wouldn't that be fun!?" I asked him brightly.  "No," he said gently.  "Sink."  And so that's where we stayed until he announced that he was done.

I decided in that moment to let him run the day.  I would use this time to really get to know him a bit more without all the background noise that usually fills my days.  We went swimming, we took a walk and checked out the trucks outside but mostly, we hugged.  He would play for a bit then run up to me and give me the sweetest hug and blow me a kiss.  He would ask to climb on my lap to read and we just sat together with his little head resting on my chest.  It was pure bliss.

It was a reminder of the necessity of one on one time with my children.  I had three years to get to know my oldest but I haven't had that same luxury with my youngest.  We know each other as part of a unit, but it's not the same when it's just the two of us hanging out.  And I think, by the end of the day, he felt a bit closer to me, too.

How do you find the time to spend one on one time with your kids?  What do you gain when you do?

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