Friday, April 5, 2013

You are Killing Me, Kid

I dropped the boys off at my mom's yesterday so that she could have a bit of time with them.  I needed to run some errands and it is SO MUCH EASIER when I don't have two adorable children talking to me. I was cruising the aisles at the grocery store when a text came in with both of my boys naked on her lanai.  This is inevitable at Granny's house.  I don't even question it anymore.  When I went to pick them up, she relayed the background story to me.

She had set up a bucket of water and a hose for them to play with.  My youngest can play with water for hours (he cries every night when his bath is over) and he was in heaven.  He was filling up buckets, dumping them out and repeating the process quietly in the corner when my oldest decided to join him.  My oldest promptly dumped a bucket of water on my toddler's head.  But instead of being upset, he retaliated.  He took the hose and sprayed it all over my oldest without a tinge of regret.  My oldest was ruffled and annoyed and, as he took off his wet clothes he said to his brother, "You are killin' me kid."

I wonder where he heard that expression?  It couldn't have been me.

What funny things do your kids repeat?  Any great embarrassing stories to share?

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