Sunday, April 14, 2013

Who is the Cutest?

My mom used to play a little game with my sister and me when we were little. She would say, "Who is the cutest? Raise your hand!" or "Who is the smartest? Raise your hand!" She would insert any adjective that would make us feel special. No matter the question, we would each shout out, "ME!!!" and try to be the first one. I played the same game with my oldest and he would delight in the endless stream of compliments. My youngest has a different take on things.

When I say to him, "Who is the best hugger?" He responds, "Mama!" I'll try again. Who is the sweetest one year old?" Again he says, "Mama!" I love this game. Even if I try to correct him and tell him he is the sweetest one year old, he protests and insists that I am, in fact, the sweetest. "No Drew. Mama," he says with a seriousness that belies his age. How can I argue with that? It warms my heart to the core and feels like it is a real compliment. I think that maybe it is.

I am always amazed at a child's capacity to love. It seems as if every message we get is about giving to them and yet there is so much receiving to be done. Isn't that just as valuable? I hope that I can teach my sons how grateful I am when they give me a compliment or show me love in any way. I want them to understand that receiving with grace has power.

P.S. Just in case they need another example of receiving with grace, I am going to go ask my baby, "who is the cutest?" I need my fix.

How do your children show you love? Do you have any sweet stories to share?

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