Monday, April 1, 2013

Think about Jesus

My oldest has a lot of trouble going to the bathroom.  How is that for an opening sentence?  Nothing like over sharing, right?  Anyway, he would rather do anything but eat healthy foods and no matter how hard I try, he seems to run into difficulty.  He is not embarrassed to share his troubles with those that he meets.  A woman at church came up to me last week and said, "Luke said he can't poop.  Have you tried prune juice?"  I love being at such a helpful place.

He was having a really really hard time last night.  While he won't drink prune juice, he will drink Dr. Pepper.  Dr. Pepper has prune juice in it but tastes a whole lot more fun.  He had been complaining about his belly hurting so I gave him a bit of Dr. Pepper with dinner.  He was doing just fine until it kicked in.  Then tears starting rolling.  "It hurts, Mommy!  It hurts so bad!" he cried as I hugged him on the potty.  "Oh, make it stop, Mommy!  Make it stop!"  My heart was breaking for him.

Sometimes he does better when we read so that he has a chance to relax but he didn't want a book.  "I'm just trying to think about Jesus," he said.  "I think it's really helping."

I was blown away.  How could he already understand that Jesus is there for him when he is in pain?  It's something I forget all the time when I am in the throes of something that is pushing me to my limits.  Yet this little four year old remembered.  When you hurt, turn to Jesus.  

I am taking that one with me as I go through the day.  I hope you can take it with you, too.  Not the pooping part...The turn to Jesus part.  He is always there when we are hurting.  He will always love us through the pain.

How do you remind yourself that you are not alone in your battles?  How do you teach your children (or how do they teach you)?


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