Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Comedian

My baby is funny. Really funny. He spends 75% of his life with a droll countenance. I have a thousand pictures like this one:

And then, suddenly, he gets silly. We were at the Easter service and my mom had grabbed them from the church nursery a few minutes before it ended. The service was outside and we figured they could run around if they got too crazy. My oldest had climbed in my husband's lap and my youngest, not to be outdone, wanted to sit with his daddy, too. 

 I handed him over and before we knew it, he jumped up and tackled his brother. 

He yelled out "SQUEEZE" and "ICKLE ICKLE" (short for tickle when you are 19 months old).

We all laughed at his silliness for a good minute.  It's so unexpected to see that much humor in a tiny little man.  You have to have really good timing to be funny and he has it. I am so glad we have a little comedian in our family.

What do your kids do to make you laugh? Any fun stories to share?

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