Saturday, April 13, 2013

Something different

My husband and I spent our first day of vacation in the heart of downtown Miami. He is a big Miami Heat fan and he really wanted to see LeBron James play. I usually read chick lit while he watches basketball so I wasn't quite sure how much fun I would have at the game. Still, I put on my Miami Heat tank top that he had bought me as a surprise and we headed out the hotel door toward the arena.

Immediately I was struck with how different Miami is than our area of Florida. Downtown Miami is very industrial, diverse and busy. There are thousands of people moving in one direction or another at all times (except at 7 AM - Apparently they are late sleepers). We passed a band playing Bob Marley on the sidewalk, families bike riding through the city streets and more people wearing neon than I have ever seen.

I flashed back to the time when I traveled on business before kids. Although most of the time was spent in hotel conference rooms and airports, every once in awhile it was just like this. Stepping out of a hotel and feeling as if the whole world was suddenly different around me. Different food, different energy, different places and things to discover. Even if I only spent an hour walking the city, I was left with an imprint for life.

I decided then and there to embrace the experience and let go of any expectations. We had an amazing time at the game (even if most of the other girls were wearing sequins and stilettos instead of tank tops and jeans) and I would go to another one in a minute. It was impossible to not get swept up in the excitement.

As we walked hand in hand back to the hotel, I told my husband that we have to make sure our boys are exposed to all of these fantastic things. As tempting as it is to stay in our comfortable routine, I would never want them to miss out on all of the excitement and discomfort of experiencing something new. We talked about all the places we want them to see and started planning how we can make that happen for our family. As someone once said, "Different is good."

How do you push yourself out of your comfortable routine to do something new? What places to you dream of going with or without your children?

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