Tuesday, April 23, 2013


I started Perchable with the vision of creating a movement among the parents of today. I want us to stop criticizing each other and start recognizing how hard the job of a parent really is.

Sometimes, there is a person that goes above and beyond in the parenting department. I'm sure there are friends in your circle that you admire. I'm sure there are people that helped shape you into the woman or man that you have become. I want to know all about them. 

 I have added a new feature to the Perchable blog that I am very excited to share with you. It's called Recognize. You'll notice there is a new tab at the top with that title. Use it today, tomorrow, or anytime you remember a story that made a difference in a child's life. My hope and prayer is that I can share your submissions or interview the person you nominate and post it as a gift. Think of it as an online thank you note that will let them know that the little things really do matter. 

Here are some questions to help spark your thought process:

What do you admire about your best friend's parenting style?

What little things do you remember doing as a child that made a big impact on you?  Who did those things with you?

When was the last time you saw a really good parent when you were running errands?  What was special  about the way they interacted with their children?

What is your favorite childhood memory?
Now it's time to tell them.  Recognize them as a Perchable Person and I will interview them or simply share what you have written.  I just know that they will inspire someone else just as they inspired you.

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