Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Perchable Pooches

I was on Facebook this morning and I saw a post written by one of my best friends in the world.  Her daughter is three and an absolutely delightful child.  I have very rarely seen her act out but, apparently, she has her bad days like all children do.  My friend shared this sweet story about a particularly tough moment on her Facebook page and agreed to let me share it with you.

"Yesterday we went to Home Depot and Isabella had a huge tantrum and of course we received those 'control your screaming child' looks from shoppers. So I picked her off the floor and headed outside to sit on a bench. Her tantrum continued and so did the looks. Then...a couple probably in their 60/70's approached us with their two toy poodles and asked Isabella if she would like to meet their dogs and pet them for a bit. The woman looked at me and said ' I thought maybe this would make you both feel better'. Isabella immediately stopped crying and after awhile we returned to the store and met up with my husband. As I told him about the nice couple I was teary. I felt as if that couple had restored my faith that there still are kind and helpful people out. So on a day like today that makes you feel evil can be on any corner I am reminded that good can be too."

You never know when an angel will appear to help you in a moment when you feel like you are at a complete loss.  That couple went above and beyond to help my friend during a really stressful incident.  It has inspired me to remember that being Perchable does not only apply to your own children.  Sometimes it means reaching out to someone else's and showing them that we care.

I challenge you to look for a parent this week that is at the end of their rope.  Instead of judging them, reach out to them.  Distract their child, give them a smile of understanding.  It just might be the thing they need to keep going.

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