Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Muddy Monday

I try to keep our Mondays open so that we can catch our breath from the weekend.  We always seem to have an action packed Saturday and Sunday and, if I want kids that don't scream, cry and throw temper tantrums at the slightest provocation, we stay home on Mondays.  This particular Monday, my oldest was still wound up from all of our weekend adventures.

"Where are we going today?" he asked.  

"Home.  We're staying home today," I told him.

"Oh okay.  Let's go to Granny's then," he said.  "Or we could go to Brody and Gavin's house to jump on the trampoline!" 

I didn't say he's always on board with my plan.  I told him to think of some ideas to do at home while I cleaned up the house a bit.  He didn't disappoint.  I found them both in the garage armed with all of their construction equipment.  "Let's dig in the dirt!" he announced.  "Dirt!" echoed my youngest.  Why not?

My oldest raced out of the garage toward their favorite dirt hole while my youngest and I checked out ants and flowers.  Once my youngest caught sight of his brother, he ran to meet him.  By the time I got there, they were like this:

My two little pig pens sat right down in the mud and played there for half an hour.  They made up scenarios of how to save the bulldozer when he got stuck.  They splashed each other and dug their hands deep into the squishy soil.  They laughed at their own silliness.  When they stood up, their bottoms were caked in mud.

I jokingly told them I would have to hose them off and my oldest said, "What a great idea!  Let's go!"  And so we did.  We ran home and played with the hose to get the worst of it off then jumped in the pool for the final rinse cycle.

I consider our Mondays to be a special gift to them.  It's a day to be free and do whatever sounds fun.  It's a day that we can let life lead us.  Even if it's straight into the mud.

Do you have a special day you set aside for staying home?  What kind of adventures do your kids come up with?

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