Monday, April 15, 2013


Here is a quick view of what it sounds like in my house right now:

The "mine" sequence begins in our home anytime either of them pick something up.  No matter if it is a train, my iPhone or ratty used cotton ball, they must have it in their possession.  I watch their eyes narrow as they watch the item that has suddenly become irresistible and watch them leap like a cat after its prey.  They grab the item and rip it from their sibling's hands with no care for their brother's safety.  If it makes the other one cry, I sometimes see a self-satisfied smile cross their face as if this is the ultimate victory.

The worst part of this process is that I, too, once wanted anything my sister had.  There are countless family stories of me tripping her as she ran down the hall to get to a Barbie doll or "accidentally" hitting her in the head with a stick when she was riding the bike I wanted to ride.  Those stories are hilarious now that we are in our thirties.  Not so funny when you are living in the middle of the mayhem.

My youngest has taken to saying "Mine!" anytime we make eye contact with him.  He will clutch the object (it was a chicken nugget this afternoon) to his chest protectively and say, "Mama...Mine."  As if I would steal a nugget from his sweet little fat fingers.  He is learning quickly that he must protect what is his.

Last night I was putting him to bed and as I laid him in his crib, he grabbed is blanket and said, "Blankie...Mine.  Bear Bear...Mine."  He hugged both with vigor and eyed me suspiciously.  

"Yes, they are yours," I told him.  "Do you know what is mine?  Drew is mine."  He relaxed at those words and said, "Mama...Mine," then he blew me a kiss.  It was such a precious, beautiful moment.  It is one that I will remember the next time I take my children for a flock of seagulls in Finding Nemo.  Even if they can be rotten, they are mine.

How do you help your children with sharing?  How do you get through tough seasons of sibling rivalry?

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