Tuesday, April 30, 2013

May I Have this Dance?

There is a local Christian artist, Joshua price, that offered a free concert to the community this week.  His career is beginning to take off and, as a thank you to the town where he grew up, he offered a free CD to the first 1,000 families.  Can't beat that, right?  My husband was out of town and I thought it would be a fun thing to do with my boys.  If they freaked out, at least I hadn't spent $150 on tickets.

It was quite the opposite.  My oldest took the job of finding us seats and after six tries, he found the perfect one in the back.  "This is great, Mommy.  I can hear the drums and everything," he said.  My youngest stood on my lap and clapped and sang along with the songs.  After two songs, they were done sitting still and moved on to an open area in the back.  We decided to dance and be silly together and other kids started making their way back to join us.  

One little girl was watching the action while hugging her mom's leg and you could just tell she wanted to dance.  My youngest (the music lover) made his way over to her, tapped her shoulder then started dancing in front of her.  She hugged her mom closer, unsure what to do with this forward little suitor.  I went up to she and her mom and told them she was welcome to dance.  The little girl shook her head feverishly and so I started to walk away to dance with my little boy.  But he wasn't ready to give up.  He turned around, ran back to her and gave her a little push and a giggle.  It was like he wanted her to know the invitation was still open.  And, satisfied with his efforts, he headed back to the dance floor.

It was the very first time he was turned down by a woman and I was there to see it.  Although his technique needs work (why boys think girls like to be pushed is beyond me...), his confidence is there.  I was impressed with his boldness and I know that it will be a great asset to him if I can help him to channel it.  Someday a girl will say yes and it will be her turn to love him and guide him.  Until then, I will enjoy every last dance with my baby boy.

Which of your children's character traits impress you?  In what ways do they surprise you?

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