Thursday, April 4, 2013

Magic Web

We usually think of fog as something that hides things from us.  It hides the road as we try to drive.  It hides the hills, the birds and anything else at a distance.  But fog has caused something magical to appear in our neighborhood.  Spider webs.

Florida can be a muggy and buggy place so spiders love it here.  When the morning is misty, we can suddenly see spiderwebs on almost every tree and branch.  They glitter with moisture and give us an unprecedented view of the detail that spiders create.  I wouldn't have even given them a second look, though, if I didn't have my boys right along side me.  "Mommy!  Look!  The spider web is shining in the light!" my oldest shouted.  "Look!  There's another one!  And look at the grass!  They are even in the grass!"

My youngest joined in and started running down the sidewalk looking for more.  "Mama!  Web!" he would say as he pointed another one out to us.  So we turned it into a contest of who could find the most webs.  We yelled out numbers and raced from bush to bush until they tired of the game.

"Why can we only see the spiderwebs today?" my son asked as he settled back on his bike.  I explained
how the fog is really made up of tiny water droplets and those water droplets stick to the spider's webs.  We  talked about how some of the webs were tiny (about the size of their hands) while others went from a tree branch down to the grass.  When I asked him why, he said, "Maybe bigger spiders need bigger houses."  I thought that was a great guess.  I told him that webs were houses but also a way to catch food.  We checked webs for bugs and, sure enough, we found some.  

I didn't expect a science lesson when we went out for a walk/bike ride but it was wonderful to experience.  Their little minds are so hungry for information.  I find so much joy in feeding them.

Do your children ever notice things that you wouldn't have seen?  How can you take that as a possible opportunity for exploration?

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