Sunday, April 7, 2013

Easter is Over

I have candy all over the house. There is candy in baskets, in the pantry, even in a vase as an attempt to be artistic with jelly beans. It has absolutely taken over my home. Because it is everywhere, the kids want it. All. The. Time. I don't want to throw it away because it seems wrong to throw away perfectly good chocolate. Especially because I eat plenty of it myself. Then I remembered a great blog post I read last Easter.

My favorite food blogger, In Katrina's Kitchen, wrote a post about her Easter is Over Brownies. She made a Texas Sheet cake then chopped all the mini chocolate candy bars and stirred them into the batter. Perfect solution. I pulled up the recipe and realized I didn't have two of the ingredients BUT Duncan Hines saved the day. Don't tell Katrina.  I was not giving up on this cake. And I'm glad I didn't because it was amazing.

The kids helped me make the glaze and we sprinkled the last of our Easter sprinkles on top. We all had a little afternoon snack with tall glasses of milk and toasted the end of the Easter season.

In case you need Easter to be over at your house, enjoy the recipe. It's terrible for you but oh so delicious. Enjoy!


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