Thursday, April 18, 2013

Don't Worry Be Happy

We were having dinner last night and my oldest son started getting grouchy.  He was anxious to get back outside to play with his wagon and dinner was a very unwelcome interruption.  "When can I play with my wagon, Daddy?  Are you done eating yet, Mommy?  Ready to go outside and play with my wagon?" he asked.  My husband let him know that he just needed to be patient; we would go outside as soon as everyone was done.  "Don't worry, be happy," he said.

"What?" my oldest asked.  "What did you say?"  

"Don't worry, be happy.  It's a song.  Wanna hear it?" my husband asked him.

He pulled it up on YouTube and started whistling and singing around the dinner table.  My youngest swayed back and forth in his high chair and clapped his hands.  And, amazingly, my youngest stopped being grouchy.  We all left our half eaten dinners to dance around the dinner table like loons to this silly pop song.  As we giggled and spun around, I was reminded of how much I really love this time in our lives.  I love the silliness of it.  I love the spontaneity of it.  I love how much love is in it.

We finished our chicken and the boys headed out to play with the wagon while I did the dishes.  I remembered my Godmother saying to me after the birth of my first son, "The days are long but the years are short."  I know now how right she was.  

What silly things do you find yourself doing with your children?  How do you let your inhibitions go and really meet them where they are?

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