Tuesday, March 26, 2013

You Can Do It.

There is nothing in the world that warms my heart more than watching my boys help each other.  It doesn't happen every day, but when it does it is so pure and sweet.  

Yesterday we were playing outside after their naps and my youngest found the tricycle.  We had folded it up and stored it in a shelf until he was big enough to reach the pedals.  He wasn't concerned with that formality.  He wanted to ride it now.

I grabbed it from the shelf, unfolded it and helped him climb on to the bike.  He could almost reach the pedals and was trying very hard to move the bike on his own.  My oldest came up behind him and started giving him a lesson.

"Just line up your feet here then push.  No...Not that foot.  That foot.  Push!  Yeah!  You got it!" he cheered.

He then proceeded to push his brother up and down the sidewalk coaching him all the way.  By the end, my little one was almost riding on his own.

My oldest believed his brother could do it, even if I only saw the obstacles.  I had already decided he was too little to ride the bike but my oldest knew that it really wasn't my decision.  We all need people like that in our lives.  People who believe in us no matter how obvious the challenges may seem.  People who will coach us through the tough parts and encourage us when we get it right.  I am so proud and thankful to my guys for reminding me that anything is possible when you have a good friend reminding you that you can do it.

Who is the coach or cheerleader in your life?  How can you be that for your children, your spouse and your friends?

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