Sunday, March 31, 2013

Reliving Traditions

 My parents were always wonderful about making holidays a huge deal.  Easter was no exception.  When we woke up Easter morning, we would find crepe paper tied to our doorknob.  We followed the trail and, along the way, would find gifts from the Easter Bunny.  They were always little things: books, hair accessories, nail polish,etc.  But the hunt was always so much fun.  My brother's trail would lead to places that required a screw driver or a ladder but the Easter Bunny was always easier on my sister and me.  Once we reached the end of the trail we would find our Easter baskets.  After the candy was eaten, the Easter egg hunt would commence.  A very competitive Easter egg hunt that seemed to get more challenging every year.  To give you an idea how much I loved this tradition, I cried at 21 when they said it would have to stop.  Embarrassing but true.  "We are too old!!" my siblings told me.  And they were right.  But now, I get to recreate it for my own children.

Last night, to be honest, I didn't want to do it.  I was tired and ready for a healthy dose of US Magazine and bad reality television. I didn't want to move off the couch.  But as I tied the crepe paper to the doorknob, I got misty eyed remembering all the Easters that my my parents had made so magical.  No matter how they felt.  No matter what was going on in their life.

This morning, I was anything but disappointed.  My oldest came out of his room and said, "Oh.  My.  Gosh. The Easter Bunny was definitely here!"  He raced along the crepe paper trail skipping all the goodies along the way and found his basket.  "He hid it by Daddy's sink," he exclaimed.  "Isn't he a silly bunny?"  He then retraced his steps and found all the hidden treasures and eggs.  He was so excited he could barely form a sentence.  I loved every minute of it.

My youngest took his time grabbing his eggs and found great joy in eating every bit of candy they contained. Notice his mouth full of Tootsie Roll at 7 AM.

But his favorite by far was the bunny lollipop.  Once he found that, nothing else mattered.

I will never be too tired to create a memory for them.  If I am, I will take a look at these pictures and remind myself that this is the magic of childhood.  It will never be this way again.  Thank you to my mom and dad for teaching my that.  You gave me a beautiful gift.

Now, I have to go because we are having that big Easter egg hunt at my parent's house and I can not let my sister beat me this year.  

Happy Easter to you and yours.  I hope your day is rich with old and new traditions.


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