Thursday, March 7, 2013

One Thing at a Time

When my nephew Brody was four, he was filled with ideas for various activities.  He would ask to build a train track and the moment the bin of 200 pieces was dumped out he would shout, "I know!  Let's make a cake!"  In case you were wondering, the cake would never be completed either.  By the time the ingredients were assembled, he would want to have a water balloon fight.  

My sister took a day off of work to be with him during this time period and she decided to say yes to every idea he had.  By the time he went down for his nap around 1:00 P.M., they had done 20 different activities.  Including a pie throwing contest with whipped cream.  She took a nap that day, too.

My husband and I would talk about it. "He really struggles with focus," I would tell my husband.  "Do you think it's because they let him get away with it?" I would ask.  We were just sure it was because of his school, his asthma medicine, his babysitter or his parents.  Obviously, someone was dropping the ball.

And now my son is four.  Guess what?  He can't focus either.  My son will ask to make muffins and as we get the ingredients together, he will shout out that we should make bacon.  If we make the bacon, he will ask us to come and play outside with him.  "I can't bud, I'm making the bacon you asked me to make," my husband will say to him patiently.  

"Okay," my son will concede.  "How about we go outside and jump on the trampoline then?"

God always has a way of showing me to throw away my judgmental thoughts.  This is definitely one of those occasions. There was nothing wrong with the way my nephew was being raised or taught.  He was just a bright four year old boy that was filled with the possibilities of life.  At five, he has calmed a bit and will stick to one idea at a time.  The same will happen for my son.  As for me, I am learning to back off when I feel those judgmental thoughts creeping into my mind about another parent.  They are probably struggling with the negative behavior more than we can possibly know.  And you never know, it could be you in a few years.

How have you learned to resist judging other parents or even their children?

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