Saturday, March 23, 2013

Meeting Spider-Man

My nephew had a Spider-Man themed birthday party and my sister actually found a kid to play Spider-Man.  He wore the costume, did back flips and even jumped off of high buildings (or playground equipment...All depends on your perspective).  It was very cool, even for the adults.  My oldest, however, was much more interested in having a conversation with him.

"Spider-Man!  Spider-Man!  How did you do that?" he asked.  "Spider-Man!  Wanna come with me to dig in the sand?  Spider-Man!  Spider-Man!  Would you mind getting me something to drink?  I'm pretty thirsty."  And my favorite, "Spider-Man!  Could you please dry off my shorts?  They are all wet from the slide."  A superhero can do anything, I suppose.

No matter where I was in this vast playground called the Children's Garden, I could hear Luke and Spider-Man talking about everything from tricks to trucks.  Our friend commented to us that he expected our son to invite Spider-Man out for a cup of coffee to learn about his life and his past.  I wouldn't have been surprised if he had.

There are times when my son's personality is enchanting to me.  This was one of those days.  He's so unapologetic about who he is.  He is bold and direct and curious and confident.  He thought nothing of befriending a superhero.  Why wouldn't Spider-Man want to be his friend?  I wish we all had the confidence to approach those we admire and ask them everything we ever wanted to know.  I wish we could all assume that everyone, given enough time with us, would want to be our friend.  I think the world would be a more interesting and fun place if we could embody that idea.  

How can you bring your natural curiosity out today?  Is there anyone that you have been waiting to reach out and talk to?  How about doing it today?

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