Monday, March 4, 2013

Meeting a Girl

My little one and I had some one on one time this week and decided to shop for some spring flowers and grab a bite to eat.  We tried on silly hats at Home Depot and raced around the aisles in the cart.  He picked out the flowers for our patio and kept saying, "PINK!  PINK" when I would ask what color we should choose.  We went on to Panera for some soup and macaroni and cheese (our respective favorites) and happened to meet a girl.

She was in her mid fifties and most definitely beyond girlhood but my son doesn't worry about age.  Anytime he sees a woman or girl, he says, "Girl!" then gives a shy wave.  This kid knows how to work it already.  Anyway, she was eating alone and when he said, "Girl!" I said, "Yes, she is a girl.  Isn't she a pretty girl?"  He immediately blew her kisses and she actually blushed.  She said to him, "I haven't had a kiss in a long time.  I really needed one."

You just never know who you may touch in your daily rounds.  I knew that he would make my day but I never expected him to make hers.  We always have to be open to the opportunity to make someone feel special.

How do your children touch people's lives?  Does their honesty and openness work to encourage you to have an open heart?

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