Monday, March 18, 2013

Lions and Tigers and Bears

We went on our first home school group field trip this week and it was such a wonderful experience.  We went to a place called the Big Cat Habitat that houses, you guessed it, big cats.  I didn't expect to find bears, goats, peacocks and monkeys but they were there as well.  I also didn't expect that I needed to find other moms that on the same page as me.

There were six or seven families there and many of them had small children.  They had decided to homeschool for a variety of reasons.  Some felt their children needed one on one attention because they were gifted or because they struggled with attention deficit.  Some didn't like that religion had been taken out of schools.  Others, like me, feel as if the time with their children is so fleeting and they wanted to make the very best of it.  It was so refreshing to hear their stories, compare them with my own and to feel a sense of camaraderie.  I understood right away that this would become a support system for me.  These women would understand when I felt overwhelmed or ready to throw in the towel.  They would be able to help me when I wasn't sure how to teach something new or engage my children when they seemed very disinterested in the subject at hand.  

I think it will be wonderful for my sons as well.  There were kids that they already know from church that joined us on the field trip and they all played together while we talked.  My oldest asked some great questions like, "Why do lions roar?" and "Why do they only eat meat?"  He got to feed a bear a slice of bologna and they both fed little goats with their hands.  

They were filled with wonder and talked about it the whole way home.  "Let's call everyone we know and tell them about our day!" said my oldest.  Everyone turned out to be Daddy and Granny. 

 "Did you know lions roar so that they can talk to each other?" my son asked my mom.  She did know, but told him to tell her all about it.  He recited what our tour guide had told us and I knew that information was being stored in that busy little brain.  "IGER!" yelled my youngest.  "IGER ROAAAR!" He, too, got something out of our trip.

No matter what your schooling choices, it's always nice to have a network of people that can support you when you feel like you need a little encouragement.  Who do you turn to when you doubt yourself?  

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