Monday, March 11, 2013

Let's Get Loud!

I hate loud noise. I hate it when the TV is loud, I hate it when there are conflicting noises (TV + Radio, let's say) and I especially hate the sound of screaming children. My children hear me say to them all the time, "Inside voices, please" and "Only scream if you are hurt and need help." But the truth is, kids love to get loud. This is why the following story is not so very surprising.

I had band practice this week and, since my husband was traveling, my wonderful sister offered to stay with the boys and put them to bed. She brought over her boys, her husband and a bag of McDonald's. Needless to say, they were happy kids. Even so, they wished I could stay for the fun. My little one cried as I handed him over to his aunt. My oldest gently grabbed my hand and said, "I'm really going to miss you Mommy. I could use a big hug and kiss." I gave both of them some love then left with a full heart.

But, as soon as the door closed behind me, my oldest yelled out, "Let's...Get...Loud!!!" All the boys rushed upstairs and this is what my sister found them doing.  (Please forgive the bad video quality!) 

When my sister told me the story, I wasn't sure whether to laugh (I did), worry (how did they not get hurt?) or just appreciate that he has a place to get loud. In the end, I did all three. He is getting smarter, my oldest son. He knows now who to go to for what. He knows that his aunt and uncle will throw a dance party with glow sticks and loud music. He knows that his granny will let him paint anything without a question. And he knows that I will patiently explain anything that has his little mind wondering. Isn't that the beauty of extended family? No matter what, my guys will have someone to turn to that understands and can help them through whatever it is that they need. Even if they just need to get loud.

How do your friends and family round out your children's view of the world? What can they give them that you never could?

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