Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Easter Egg Hunt

We got out the Easter decorations this weekend and, true to form, my boys were ecstatic about having something new to play with.  But something was a bit different than it has been in the past.  My oldest remembered what we had done the year before.

He immediately grabbed the plastic eggs and said that he was going to hide them all over the place so that I could find them.  Some were obvious (one egg on each stair) and some were hidden very well (under the side table).  He raced around the house with his Easter basket giving me helpful hints like, "You'll never ever find this one.  It's behind the sink!" and "There's more in my room!  Look under the bed!"

It was so much fun.  I was actually excited about finding all these eggs.  After I thought about it a bit, I realized that it was because I realized that it did matter that we have done all the traditions since he was just a tiny guy.  We did them even though a lot of people would tell us to save it until they were older.  "They won't remember.  Why go to all that work?" someone would say.  But it was worth it.  He did remember.

There's something so special about family traditions passed on through the generations.  Tomorrow we are going to find the tiniest tree in our yard and decorate it with Easter eggs.  On Easter Sunday, the Easter bunny will hide them in the yard for us to find.  We did this when I was little and I remember being astonished that the Easter bunny had come and actually hidden the eggs.  I can't wait to see their faces when they find out the very same thing.

P.S. I found yet another egg underneath my desk when I sat down to write this.  I'll bet they will still be turning up by December!

What traditions have you brought to your family from your childhood?  Any fun Easter traditions to share?

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