Friday, March 29, 2013

Beware of Stamps

We have been working on the letter "A" this week and I have tried to come up with some fun ideas to practice seeing and making the letter. I scoured Pinterest and my favorite blogs and came up with a few ideas of my own. I only wish I could blame this debacle on another woman's blog. Instead, I have to fess up to you.

We read a short poem about ants so I decided to have both of them create finger print ants along the shape of a letter "A". They would simply press their fingers into the stamp pad then do three fingerprints in a row to make the body of the ant. They could draw legs and antennae or just leave them alone. I did a quick example the night before and set out all the components on our breakfast table. As soon as my oldest saw it, he was ready to go.

"I want to make ants! Let's make ants! Can we make the ants? I want to make ants!" he said as waved his hands and sloshed his cereal and milk all over the table. "Sure bud. Let's finish up breakfast and we'll get started," I told him.

I gave them each two stamp pads and black colored pencils to draw the legs. I showed them the example, talked about the letter "A" then started doing the dishes. Yes, you heard me. I left them there. With stamps. By themselves.

I glanced over after putting the bowls in the dishwasher and saw my youngest chewing on the stamp pad. His entire face was blue. Eyebrows, cheeks, mouth...everything. I grabbed it, reminded him to only use his hands then looked at my oldest. He had decided that fingerprint ants were not going to work. He needed handprint and arm print ants. Go big or go home, right? Because of this artistic decision, every square inch of the table and chairs was covered in stamps. Everywhere he touched turned blue, pink, green or red. "Great job guys!" I said trying to stay calm. "Amazing ants! Let's just wash off your hands before you get down!" I said.

Only their hands didn't come clean. The stamps were not washable. Hoping that maybe it had just stained their hands, I let them get down. Then my youngest touched the wall and it turned blue. "Hands up guys! Hands up! Don't touch anything else! Go to the bathroom!" I ordered. They walked like little soldiers that had been taken hostage. I tried hand soap, dish soap and finally baby wipes. After 20 minutes of scrubbing, I got 75% of it off. 

Moral of the story? Make sure it's washable and, whatever you do, don't leave them alone during an art project. Especially if you forgot the washable part.

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