Monday, February 18, 2013

The Tourist

I love having guests because it forces us to be tourists. We have to break from routine and see the sights that surround us every day. We walk on the beach, eat at waterfront restaurants, visit museums and anything else they want to see on their visit to the coast. We have a friend in town from Minnesota and the one thing she requested was a boat ride. It was a high of seven degrees when she left and Florida was to be a respite from the bitter cold.

The weather, however, was not cooperating. At a high of 65 and blasting wind, Floridians are lighting their fireplaces and making pots of soup. We are certainly not spending the day outside in the "freezing cold". But we had a wish to grant for our weekend snowbird so we bundled up in sweaters and scarves and made the best of it.

"I am freezing!" my oldest shouted. "Oooh it's so cold! Did we bring hot chocolate?" he asked. No, I hadn't, but I did bring towels to use as blankets and lots of hugs. The boys ran back and forth on the boat and "fished" with a rod that lacked a hook and bait. Just casting sent them squealing with giggles. They spotted birds and their nests and watched the outboard motor turn as my husband moved the steering wheel left then right. And, near the end, we spotted a dolphin making his way out to the Gulf of Mexico.

"What was your favorite part?" we asked my oldest later.
"The dolphin," he said. "Definitely the dolphin."

Even with the cold it was awesome to be outside sharing something I love with the boys. To be completely honest, we never would have gone out on that boat if our friend hadn't come. Our weekends are so often filled with the grocery store on Saturday then church on Sunday. It was just the break we needed to enjoy each other and liven up our every day.

What can you do in the coming weeks to act like a tourist in your own town? Go ahead, live it up! You'll be glad to have made the memory.

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