Friday, February 22, 2013

Starting to Get It

As you have probably learned by now, my oldest is quite the talker.  He's filled with interesting facts, questions about the world and stories from his imagination.  But my youngest keeps to himself a bit more.  While my oldest is asking his questions, I will see my little one pushing a truck along the floor or working on opening and closing a cabinet door over and over until he's mastered the skill.  He will sometimes come over for a quick snuggle or a kiss but, for the most part, he's quietly observing his world.  But suddenly, he is finding his voice.

My oldest and I had read a story about a greedy baker who felt that anyone who even smelled his treats should have to pay him for the enjoyment.  The king responded that he should, in fact, be paid.  He brought money into the castle then proceeded to drop the money on the floor, one coin at a time.  The baker began to pick it up until the king told him that simply hearing it should be payment enough.  

We decided to drop coins on the floor and count them so that we could reenact a piece of the story.  My oldest was shouting out the numbers with great gusto.  "FIVE!!  SIX!! SEVEN!!  EIGHT!!" he shouted.  Then out of nowhere my youngest shouted out, "NINE!"  My oldest and I looked at each other then looked at my little one and started cheering for him.  

It was so exciting to see that he is starting to get it.  He is listening to everything and absorbing every last bit of it.  More and more we are hearing him repeat what we say or share something that he thinks is funny.  This part is always miraculous to me.  They go from helpless tiny beings to people that have something to say.  He has listened for almost two years.  Now it is time for him to be heard.  This is only the tip of the iceburg for my little one.  I'm sure that his mind will be as busy as his brothers in his own special way.  I can't wait to hear more.

How does your youngest child surprise you?  Do you forget how much he or she is capable of sometimes?

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