Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Snow Day

We are reading the Berenstein Bears Big Book of Science and Nature and we have been talking about the seasons.  One of the lines in the book talks about how cold winter can be and my little Floridian just had to interrupt.  "No it's not!  Winter isn't cold at all!" he said with a certainty only a preschooler can feel.  "Well, it's cold almost everywhere else but Florida in the winter," I told him.  We have done some activities to make snow real for him but nothing worked quite like a little can of instant snow.

We were at my mom's for a fun day and I told her how hard it has been to explain something like snow.  She lit up and said she might have something that would work.  She came back with a can of instant snow.

This woman literally has anything you could want.  It never ceases to amaze me.  The directions were simple. Just dump the powder into a bowl then add one can of water.  Inside we found a tiny snow shovel to help with the stirring.  My oldest took care of the duties and, voila, we had snow.

It wasn't cold but the texture was similar.  We talked about shoveling driveways and scraping off cars.  "And building FROSTY!" my oldest shouted with glee.  My mom decided to add a bit of oil to a batch so that it would stick together and they worked on building the yellow snowman.  I joked that it looked like the dog had peed in it and both boys giggled.  Boys and their humor.

We made it snow on their heads and made hot chocolate to stay warm.  They loved every minute of it.

Thanks, Mom, for always having the right thing at the right time.  I'm sure they will never forget their first experience with "snow".

How do you teach your children about things they have never seen?  How can you make it tangible and real to them?

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