Saturday, February 23, 2013

Random Acts of Sethness

There are people that crumble in the face of life's difficulties and there are others that go beyond themselves and bring healing to others.  I found a page on Facebook called, "Updates on Seth Machak" that details the journey of a young man fighting through a life threatening bout of pneumonia.  In times of crisis, it can be so difficult to keep everyone you love updated.  The Facebook page was created so that their family and friends can follow his progress and pray for his recovery.  But they have gone one beautiful step further.

They have asked that, if you come across his page, to do a random act of Sethness  (kindness) for someone today.  And people from all over are responding.  They are sharing their stories and inspiring others to take a step and make a difference in someone's life today.  Here are a few of my favorites:

From Elizabeth Sanborn
My family's act of kindness is something we have done before. My 2 older children take Irish step dancing and during the month of march the perform at many nursing homes. This year though as a tribute to Seth T. Machak we will be signing up for all of them not just the ones we are scheduled for. I know how important Seth's job is to him and this is something I know the residents enjoy tremendously! I love being able to brighten the day of those who have brought so much joy to others during their lives. I am also glad my children enjoy doing it as much as I do.

From Cathy Keene
I did my first Seth-inspired Kindness today! Hectic schedule and not a lot of time for creativity, but I picked up a dozen doughnuts from our best bakery and delivered them to the staff at a local daycare. They were excited! Tell Seth it should have been bacon, but I would have felt a little odd making that delivery!!!! Praying and loving you hard!"

I am going to follow in their footsteps and do something kind today. I'm not sure what, but my eyes will be open to any opportunity that may come.  I will share my story on their Facebook page.  Maybe you can, too.  Find them at

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