Tuesday, February 5, 2013

One Step Ahead

Toddlers always imitate but I am amazed at how much my little one can suddenly do.  My oldest just started gymnastics and learned how to do forward and backward rolls.  He was showing my husband the other night when my little one came right behind him and completed a perfect somersault.  No one has worked with him.  He just learned by watching.

I see this in other ways, too.  If I say to my little one, "Say airplane."  He smiles or stares as if he hasn't the slightest idea what I am saying.  My oldest will jump in saying to his brother, "Say it!!  Say airplane!"  and magically my little one says, "Airpa!!" and proceeds to run around the living room with his arms out making airplane sounds.

It's official.  I am no longer his most admired teacher.  Some days, this is wonderful.  Like when my oldest teaches him how to ride the tricycle or put away the silverware.  Some days this is terrible.  Like the day he taught him how to take the lid off of the markers. (Thank goodness for washable markers!!)  My baby has decided that his brother is the most amazing, funny, cool character and that he must do everything his brother is doing.

I am sure that many of you with multiple children have seen this phenomenon before but it has certainly taken me by surprise.  And it has somehow taken some of the pressure off of me.  As we drive past a field with cows grazing, it is my oldest who asks him what cows say, what they eat and where they sleep.  When the toilet paper goes from a neat roll to a 10 foot trail of white, it is my oldest who says, "That is a no-no.  You'd better fix it before mommy comes."  It's as if all the things I have tried to teach my oldest are now being passed on to my baby without much work on my end.  It's incredible to see.

How do your children help to guide one another?  

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