Thursday, February 14, 2013

Nature Walk

We have been reading Uncle Wiggily's Story Book by Howard Garis as a part of our Sonlight homeschooling curriculum.  They are quaint stories about a bunny, Uncle Wiggily, who has been given the gift of being able to understand children when they talk.  He cannot speak to them, but he finds ways to help them out of situations that effect children of every age.  One is about bullying, one is about insecurity and the one we read today was about a little girl who couldn't afford to buy a Valentine for her teacher.  Uncle Wiggily saves the day by sharing a Valentine with her that he made out of beautiful things he has found in nature.  We decided to make his story come to life and make our very own nature valentines.  

There is a park about a mile from our house with a nature trail and access to the Myakka River.  We packed up some snacks and a big bag to look for treasures.  My oldest found a dried out palm frond right away and began using it as a broom to sweep up fallen leaves.  

My little one was very jealous of his brother's find so we worked hard to find him a mini version.  

They had more fun with these silly things.  They got them wet and pretended they were mops.  

They tried to ride them.  They flew them in the air like they were space ships and airplanes.  More than one person said to me as they watched, "No need to buy them toys when they have that much fun with that old plant."  It did my heart good to hear it because that is right on target with my goal.  Life is so much fun when we are open to the possibilities of our imagination.

We moved on and found wonderful things to make our nature Valentines.  Unfortunately, they were so exhausted by the time we got home, they were ready for a nap.  "That was such a great nature walk, Mommy," my oldest said to me as we ate lunch.  "Let's do it again after my nap."  Gotta love him.

Here are their Valentines for you to enjoy.  Know that both you and your family are in our hearts this Valentine's Day!!

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