Friday, February 15, 2013

My Life on the Outside

My husband was traveling last week and we did our best to talk over Facetime every day.  It always helps the kids when they see his face.  They love to show him what they are doing and see where he is staying.  It helps them to feel connected...but the process is pure madness.

The connection isn't ever good enough so the screen freezes up frequently.  My oldest will yell, "DADDY!! DADDY YOU ARE FROZEN!!"  Which, of course, he can't hear because the connection has dropped.  My youngest will grab the phone and kiss my husband's face until, inevitably, he hangs up on him.  They then fight over who can make the silliest faces in the screen instead of actually talking to their dad.

The last time we tried this, my husband suggested that I go into the bedroom (the closest spot to the wireless router) so that the connection wouldn't drop.  "Get them on the bed," he said, "so that they are contained."  We dutifully marched to the bedroom and I pulled both of them up to talk.  But here's the problem.  The only time they are in our bed, we are wrestling with them.  So, naturally, it was time to body slam Mommy.  I started to get very frustrated with this entire process until I looked at the tiny window that showed what my husband was watching on the other end.  I watched me saying, "So, how was your meeting?" as I peeled off a toddler then a preschooler off of me only to repeat the sequence again and again.  And then I started to laugh.  Hysterically.  It was so funny to watch my life as an outsider rather than the person experiencing it.  My husband and I both lost it until, recovering from the fit of giggles, we said our I love you's and good byes.

Sometimes you just have to laugh.  Sometimes life is totally out of control but, if you can take just a moment to zoom out and see the whole picture, you just might be blessed with a different kind of tears.

What frustrated you the most about today?  How can you take a step back and see the humor in the situation?

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