Sunday, February 24, 2013

Have a Little Patience

We try to have fairly clear guidelines in our house.  No hitting, no screaming unless you are hurt, always listen to Mommy and Daddy even if you disagree, etc.  Each rule is based on some value we want to teach them.  We will focus on one value a week and really try to talk about times that they can put it into practice.  Last week, we worked on patience.

Are you laughing already?  Because you probably should be.  Teaching patience to small children is one of the most challenging of all traits.  They simply are not patient.  Ever.  My oldest has a habit of saying the same thing over and over and over again.  "Can I have some orange juice mommy can I have orange juice mommy I want some orange juice mommy," he will say.  He does not pause in between each request.  He just continues on and on until I finally lose my patience and say, "Luke!  Please just give Mommy a minute to answer you!"  I know, I know.  You have to model good behavior.  But my mind turns to mush when I keep hearing the same thing repeated like a record that is skipping.  It was time for a rule to save both of us from each other.

My husband had a great idea.  We talked to my son about the meaning of patience (waiting with a happy heart) and told him he could show patience by asking a maximum of three times.  If he asked a fourth time, the answer would automatically be no.  We could only grant requests of patient little boys.  This has worked fabulously.  We warn him as he finishes the second request and he trails off his demands like a train that has run out of steam.  He dances around the room bursting with words that cannot be spoken until we take care of his request for juice, a snack or a fix to a problem.  But he has stopped being demanding.  And I have stopped losing my patience with him.

One thing to note: I asked him last night to feed the dog (his chore) repeatedly to which he responded, "Oh shoot, Mommy.  You asked me three times so now I can't do it."  Crazy kid.

How do you teach your small children patience?  I would love to hear your ideas as well!!

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