Sunday, February 10, 2013


I was driving my husband's immaculate car the other day when I glanced out the back window and saw this.
Fingerprints.  There were hundreds of tiny fingerprints all over the side of the window and, for a moment, I felt a tug at my heart.  In a few short years, his windows will be as clean as the rest of his car because those little boy hands will be busy doing other things.  Big boy things.  As much as I look forward to the days where my time is again my own, I would not trade this life and this time for anything.  Even with the messes.  Even with the fighting.  Even with the countless nights I have been awakened by their cries.  I love the messiness of life while caring for these little lives.  Fingerprints and all.

What do you appreciate about your life that others may see as messy or taxing or draining?  How do you make time to stop and love where you are today?

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