Sunday, January 27, 2013

Whenever I Have Time

After a week of working with our Sonlight homeschooling curriculum, we have a routine that works for us.  I like to call it the "whenever we have time" method of teaching.  This wasn't exactly the plan when I started down the path of homeschooling.  Visions of desks and sharpened pencils filled my mind.  Schedules and tough routines would be the way to go if I wanted this to work.  For many, that type of environment works.  But I am learning that we do better when we snuggle on the couch or jump higher and higher on the trampoline.  Every day has been different and yet every day, we seem to learn something new.

One morning this week we finished everything on our list by 9:00 AM.  Another day we sprinkled bits of teaching throughout the day and read our last story at bedtime.  The curriculum is very gentle and mostly consists of stories that teach about every subject from character building to science and math.  The book we read yesterday involved protozoa and atoms and he wanted to read it 3 times.  I could actually feel my brain trudging down a highway it hadn't seen since seventh grade in hopes of recovering some of the information.  I could also remember how much I struggled with the concepts and yet here he was, eager to learn more.

My mom asked him if school was hard and he said, "Yeah!  It's really hard and it's really fun!"  Oh how I pray that he always feels that way about learning.

There have been days that I worry about getting it all done then I stop and remember that I don't truly have a looming deadline.  We are not confined to weekdays or school hours.  We can learn anytime and anywhere. I don't know how long we will walk this path but today, I am truly grateful for the freedom to teach and learn with my sons.

Whether you homeschool or not, you are always teaching your children skills and values.  When do your children seem most open to learning?  How do you stay flexible in the face of all the things you have to do?


  1. Good stuff. May learning continue to be a joy and well worth the effort!


  2. Thank you, Luke! That is my prayer as well. I appreciate your kind words!


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