Sunday, January 6, 2013

V is for Volcano

Because I have decided to ease up on some of the reading lessons, I am working on other creative ways to bring letters and sounds into our every day. It's turning out not to be so hard.  And I'm noticing the added benefit of wrapping many learning subjects into one.

I picked up some glitter glue and my oldest was squirting it out everywhere but on the page. He was pointing the tip toward the ceiling and squeezing with all his might. The contents spilled out over the side of the container and onto his hands, the chair, the table, etc. I told him it reminded me of a volcano and he said, "What's a volcano?" Opportunity knocked.

I pulled up my trusty iPad and showed him videos of volcanoes erupting. We talked about what makes them erupt and how hot it must have to be for rocks to melt. "It must be at least 100 degrees!" he shouted.  We looked up the actual temperature and we were both astonished when we found out it would have to be 650 degrees to melt! I remembered making volcanoes in school and looked online to see how to do it. Turns out it just took a few kitchen ingredients.

I found the site Preschool Alphabet and they had an easy preschool volcano recipe. We talked about measurements as we added the ingredients and my oldest decided he wanted blue lava instead of red. When it came time for the eruption, they were practically holding their breath. We added the vinegar and the concoction bubbled up over the cup. 

 My little one yelled, "Again! Again!" and my oldest was happy to oblige. 

 We talked about how the gases wanted to escape. Could he imagine what would happen if it was trapped in a mountain? "BOOM," he shouted, delighted to talk about anything exploding.  I decided to continue the momentum and asked him what letter volcano starts with.  "Vvvv...V!!" he exclaimed.  "Just like vroom and vacuum!"  We practiced writing the letter and all day would stop if we said a word that started with the letter "V".  It was so much more fun than sitting at the table trying to force him to do something he didn't want to do.

Now that I have started to relieve some of the pressure off of my own self, the stress is easing and the learning opportunities are becoming easier to identify.  Maybe I just needed to blow off a little steam, too.

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