Monday, January 14, 2013

Tiny Indulgence - A Good Book

I read a book series in the 90's by Diana Gabaldon called Outlander.  The books are huge and intimidating and when my mom recommended them I thought she was nuts.  I never figured I would make it through the first one, let alone the whole series.  But I did and I loved every minute of it.

My sister asked about series the other day.  "What's that set of books that you read?  You know, the one that you were obsessed with the guy?"  (Obsessed is a strong word.  Okay, maybe I was a little obsessed.)  Only sisters can bring up subjects with such little detail yet know exactly what the other is referring to.  My mind immediately shot to the books and I grabbed one of them off my shelf to read while the boys nap.  I'm hooked all over again.  This is my tiny indulgence.

If you, like me, are always searching for a good read, try out the Outlander series.  The link goes to a set Amazon is offering for Kindle at a reduced rate.  Believe me, your Kindle/Ipad/Nook/Laptop is MUCH lighter than these books.  And you won't want to be too far from them once you start.

What are you reading these days?  Any good titles to share?

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